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Software and Hardware Engineering


Engineering by experienced specialists

You are searching for a system partner to assume comprehensive tasks, such as modernization, increasing energy efficiency, or machine safety? The system partner is expected to develop a complete cross-technology solution and also implement it. You can thereby reduce complexity and ensure in-time implementation.

Rexroth offers software and hardware engineering provided by experienced specialists. They combine extensive application experience with know-how in all drive and control technologies. Moreover they keep a constant eye on the entire system and are familiar with interactions. They develop customized complete solutions in collaboration with energy efficiency advisors, safety specialists, and industry experts. This reduces complexity, even with major projects, since the user has one contact partner from conception through to the entire engineering, including commissioning.

Our services

  • Soft- and hardware engineering by experienced specialists
  • Monitoring of entiere system
  • Development of customized complete solutions

Your benefits

  • Transparency through professional, comprehensive consulting by Rexroth for the entire system
  • Carefreeness due to reduced complexity by entering into partnership with Rexroth