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Product Overhaul


Raising long-term availability with REMAN/REMAN+

Why wait until a machine breaks down? It often makes sense to replace wearing parts or defective components as a preventative measure during scheduled breaks in production. This way you increase the availability of your plants with minimum outlay.

Using the REMAN/REMAN+ service, Rexroth overhauls drive and control technology components and assemblies to produce technically new parts. By replacing wear parts and installing the latest hardware and software, Rexroth can grant a warranty of 24 months with REMAN and REMAN+. Optionally, it is also possible to extend this warranty to 60 months.

In addition, REMAN + extends the service ability beyond the defined period, depending on the product, by stocking all the necessary materials and documents. In this way, Rexroth lowers machine failure rates and significantly reduces repair costs since all spare parts and the know-how for fault rectification are available. After a malfunction, this puts machines back into production faster and more reliably.

Our services

    - Warranty of 24 months, optionally of 60 month
    - Cleaning of components
    - Replacement of wearing parts
    - Installation of original spare parts
    - Preliminary test and function check
    - Repainting of motors
    - New type plates
  • REMAN+
    - REMAN
    - Extension of service ability (5 years) by stocking materials and documents

Your benefits

  • Minimized failure rates by the scheduled overhaul of drive and control technology.
  • Lower costs by introducing a scheduled, long-term maintenance concept.
  • Maximum plant availability by the fast restart of machines.