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Retrofit and Modernization


Second machine life for little expense and effort

After several years in service, many plants no longer correspond to the current state of the art. Frequently they consume more energy than necessary, fail to reach modern productivity, and reliability drops off continuously.

Machines and plants modernized by Rexroth generally run at much greater energy efficiency and always comply with currently applicable national and international machinery safety regulations. Older plants then gain a second lease of life with full performance at the state of the art.

In cases like these, a retrofit is often the solution. Rexroth specialists replace obsolete automation components and assemblies with modern, more powerful variants. With little cost and effort, you then achieve much enhanced plant performance with increased availability.

Our services


  • Replacement of older drive and control components with the latest products
  • Standardized retrofit kits


  • Analysis, project engineering and implementation assumed by Rexroth specialists
  • Intensive consultation individually on customer requirements
  • Replacement of appropriate components
  • Commissioning incl. necessary programming work
  • Machine safety check

Your benefits

  • Transparency through professional, comprehensive consulting by Rexroth, including an assessment of potential
  • Productivity increases and continuing serviceability through the Rexroth service
  • Carefreeness by entering into partnership with Rexroth, from analysis through to project engineering and implementation