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Service Contracts


Customized service packages for maximum availability

Depending on the machine pool and internal maintenance capacity, standard services are inadequate for many end-users. Instead, you demand a customized service package tailored to your requirements in order to maximize plant availability and avoid unpleasant surprises. In the event of a failure, you expect immediate assistance to restart the machine as fast as possible.

Our services

  • Long Life Service secures the serviceability of installed products and solutions beyond the agreed service period. To achieve this, Rexroth stocks all the necessary materials and documents, and supplies the required know-how.
  • Product Warranty Contracts with Rexroth avoid surprises arising from hidden costs.
  • Spare Parts Management Contracts secure the rapid, reliable delivery of spare parts and repairs from regional logistics centers.
  • Personnel Guarantee Contracts ensure that Rexroth provides experienced specialists to diagnose faults professionally and rectify them on site.
  • Call Order Contracts regulate the long-term availability and future delivery of spare parts, even for discontinued products.

Your benefits

  • Maximum machine availability owing to individual service packages with priority service tailored to customer needs.
  • Carefreeness by entering into partnership with Rexroth.
  • Security from unscheduled costs by covering with a contract.