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IndraLogic L20 PLC/HMI Demo Kit with Shipping Case

R985002862 PLC Demo with Blow Molded Case


IndraLogic L20 PLC/HMI Demo Kit with Shipping Case

Bosch Rexroth, a leader in the fast-paced world of motion control, applies its technological expertise to control products including the IndraLogic line of powerful standalone PLCs.

This demo was developed as a highly functional demo that displays a wide range of capabilities for training and can be customized to meet your

future needs.

The demo is housed in a rugged case that can withstand being transported, while still being light and small enough to be carried in a suitcase.

The kit includes:

  • L20 PLC with digital I/O pre-wired to switches
  • Analog input wired to a potentiometer to generate a variable 0-10 VDC signal
  • Analog output connected to a panel meter
  • Profibus coupler with eight inputs (four are wired to switches), four outputs and a Profibus cable, so that L20 Profibus setup can be demonstrated
  • A VCP11 to show off Bosch Rexroth HMI visualization capabilities
  • The new Rexroth 10A 24VDC power supply, prominently featured
  • The PLC, I/O, Profibus coupler and power supply, all din-rail mounted so that you can add or remove parts as required for you needs

Analog I/O could be used to test PID loops and other variable functions. The L20 PLC controller and VCP are connected via an Ethernet switch, which can be used to show our ability to program both products from a single Ethernet connection. The Ethernet switch has extra ports which can be used to connect additional HMIs, to demonstrate OPC connectivity to SCADA software, or to show the MES/SCADA capabilities of our WinStudio software.

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