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Information on registration

Registration needs to be in writing. Registrations

are considered in accordance with the entry date.

Please register on the seminar pages on the Internet, using the online forms available there for each training course.

As the number of places is limited, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel.


  • We will send you a provisional notification a few days after we received your registration form. In the event that the training course is already booked out, we will suggest an alternative date. Approximately two weeks before the start of the training course you will receive your confirmation along with all the necessary documentation.

Room reservation

  • We will provide you a hotel list and a site plan along with the provisional notification. Please do not forget to reserve a room in your name well in time. Experience has shown that the hotels tend to be booked out early.


  • All prices are given in Euros. The price is to be paid when you receive the bill. Our General Terms of Business are applicable. The price includes work documentation, break snacks and lunch. Prices are understood to include statutory VAT.

Registration and cancellation

  • Registrations can be cancelled free of charge up to two weeks before the start of the training course. Following this, 50 % of the training course fee is due.

Reservation of the right of modification

  • We constantly adapt our training course content to meet the needs of our customers and in line with state of the art technology.


  • We impart training content to the best of our knowledge and belief, but we cannot assume liability for any communication errors.

Safety regulations

  • Participants are obliged to adhere to the applicable safety and accident prevention regulations.


  • Copying, or passing on the documents or training course software is not permitted, expect with express written permission.