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Groninger customizes VarioFlow plus for compact filling machine



Provide an efficient, cost-effective conveyor for a new filling machine targeting private-label and entry-level packagers of cosmetics and medical products.

Marginal Column

Rexroth Solution:

VarioFlow plus flexible chain conveyor featuring optimized sliding characteristics for the chains and slide rails, and less friction in the curves


  • Cost-effective components, low-friction moving surfaces and easy assembly make VarioFlow plus the perfect fit for the lite-F filling machine
  • Rexroth product team meets extremely tight timeframe on conveyor design, fabrication and integration
  • Flexible VarioFlow plus components and ease of assembly and reconfiguration, enabling the lite-F machine to be connected to other machines and automation lines in the future
  • Expedited turnaround on custom-designing and fabricating curves with unique dimensions
  • Efficient and productive use of MTpro software to brainstorm and refine design
  • Established successful and open collaboration between Groninger and Rexroth engineering teams