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Design of safe and reliable hydraulic systems for subsea applications

Subsea Hydraulic Equipment


Safely and effectively use subsea hydraulics in key industries including oil and gas production, subsea mining, communication and power transmission, and natural science.

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Rexroth Solution:

Create complete electro-hydraulic systems using standard but customizable materials.

Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Underwater equipment is less accessible, so it should be reliable and durable to minimize the need for maintenance
  • Ensure that systems are able to withstand high water pressure and harsh ocean conditions while remaining corrosion-resistant
  • Account for sea life growth, which is common in shallow water that receives surface light
  • Consider using floating operational facilities like ships or platforms so workers can conveniently access equipment far from the shore
  • Use robotics like ROVs and AUVs to conduct subsea activities
  • Set up remote devices for operating subsea systems at a distance
  • Use pressure compensation systems to equalize the pressure inside the component to the outside pressure
  • Use a special coating on each component to avoid corrosion
  • Take safety and reliability measures by creating and utilizing fail-safe systems, redundant architecture and diagnostic features to help in the event of a failure