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Bosch Rexroth technical papers draw on the drive, control and automation expertise of our world-class engineers, and offer objective, detailed, tutorial-level analyses, strategic guidance and practical recommendations on a wide range of topics.

Business Unit Legend:

AT = Assembly Technologies| EDC = Electric Drives and Controls| IH = Industrial Hydraulics
LT = Linear Motion Technologies| MH = Mobile Hydraulics| Tightening| Welding


Tech Paper

Insights & Considerations



MH | 2016

Making a difference – BODAS and Mobile Electronics

Effectively network hydraulics and mobile electronic controls to meet key market requirements for functional safety, TIER 4, TCO and productivity in mobile working machines.


MH | 2016

Don’t Stop – Shift on Fly

Enhanced efficiency: High tractive force up to the maximum travel speed without hesitation.


MH | 2016

Speed! CHoose your compact hydraulics solution

The CHoose configurator accelerates the design process for machine manufacturers. Easily configure a customized hydraulic integrated circuit and compact directional valves with one easy-to-use tool.


MH | 2016

Stay on track – High-Efficiency Traction Control for compact vehicles

High-Efficiency Traction Control is a plug-and-play solution for all-wheel drive activation on compact work vehicles with hydrostatic single wheel drive without the need for electronics or sensors.