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Hydraulic Actuators for Gas and Steam Valves – Failures and high costs can be prevented with planned maintenance



Eight out of ten power plant operators do not realize what they are risking if they allow seal wear in hydraulic actuators to simply take its course.


Rexroth Solution:

  • Power plant operators with steam or gas valves should protect hydraulic actuators against unplanned downtime and avoid the ensuing costs. The easiest way to do this is to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules from the first day of operation.
  • Regular condition analyses by Field Service can discover unusual damage and the error sources, and initiate immediate countermeasures or plan them in a timely manner.
  • In case of a maintenance backlog, it is urgently recommended to contact the manufacturer in order to jointly assess the situation and to discuss the next steps. This ensures that power plant operation can continue unrestricted or with planned maintenance.

Rexroth Field Service

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Key Insights and Considerations:

  • Damage to actuators can be caused by a variety of events, such as gradual aging and wear, maintenance errors, or extreme heat and discharge.
  • Poor maintenance may result in diminished quality control and even permanent damage to machine integrity.
  • To reduce costs and avoid damage or prolonged downtime to the machine, long term maintenance planning and testing is recommended.