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Dynamic logistics critical to manufacturing excellence

Rexroth Dynamic Logistics


Manufacturers need dynamic systems and resources to maximize their agility and meet rapidly changing customer requirements

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Unless manufacturers can organize their operations to smoothly integrate with their customer’s supply chain requirements, they cannot compete and sustain long-term, profitable customer relationships.
  • It’s more than just delivering products on-time—it’s organizing your business processes, supplier relationships, manufacturing systems and workforce skills so that there is sustained awareness of your contribution to your customer’s ultimate business performance.
  • Bosch Rexroth has identified several areas where it has made substantial investments to strengthen these capabilities within its North American operations. In the process, we have improved our responsiveness, enabled personnel throughout every level of our organization to contribute ideas for improvement, and deployed technology in ways that enhance our ability to deliver the products our customers need, when and where they need them.