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Open Core Engineering adds new freedom to machine automation programming

Rexroth Open Core Engineering


Open Core Engineering opens up industrial controls to the world of high-level programming languages

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Many programmers–including those recently out of school, or with backgrounds in computers, networking, and Web applications–are well-versed in standard programming languages like C++, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and Java, or mobile platforms such as Android and Apple iOS. However, when they start working in an industrial environment, the first thing they face is learning to program automation applications using languages that are very specific to industrial controls, most often based on ladder logic.
  • Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering bridges the gap with common languages using a platform that more easily “opens up” industrial controls programming to the wider world of higher level languages.
  • Open Core Engineering “opens” up a new range of possibilities for flexibility and productivity. It means more innovation, as software professionals and programmers who are experienced with technologies like mobile platforms and smartphones will not necessarily need to become experts in IEC 61131 PLC programming languages.
  • The end result is that OEMs and end-users will have a wider range of programming ability to improve machine automation performance.