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Bosch Rexroth makes hydraulic systems fit for Industry 4.0


Myth: Hydraulics have no place in Industry 4.0

Fact: Hydraulic systems are already well on their way into the future and are perfectly suited for “smart” applications

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Hydraulic systems are already well on their way into the future. They are inherently powerful, and the combination of hydraulic actuators with integrated digital control electronics, which allows for functions to be shifted to the software, makes them smart.
  • Hydraulic standard functions are predefined in the controls, drives and power units. All the user has to do is define the parameters. The software and intelligent control algorithms developed specifically for hydraulic requirements automatically equalize the non-linearities inherent in fluid power.
  • Variable-speed pump drive systems, stand-alone hydraulic axes, decentralized intelligence and open interfaces make modern hydraulics ideal for horizontal and vertical integration to fulfill the requirements for automation solutions of the future.