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Machine tool programming: Open Core Engineering opens new possibilities


Open Core Engineering will “open” up a new range of possibilities for machine tool flexibility and productivity

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • When machine programmers start working in an industrial environment—either for an operation with multiple machine tools in use, or for a machine tool OEM—they must usually learn to program tooling applications using languages that are very specific to industrial controls, most often based on ladder logic.
  • However, these programmers may have innovative ideas for new machine capabilities that can be created more easily with higher-level languages commonly used in the IT world. Developing those applications using traditional PLC programming tools can be difficult and time consuming.
  • With Open Core Engineering, the controller’s “core” PLC and CNC kernel is now opened to enable programmers who use IT industry standard development tools such as C++, VBA and Java to create automation functions and applications as an alternative to utilizing IEC61131 programming environments.