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Expanding the definition of HMI

Open Core Engineering


HMIs have evolved to become more than a touchscreen on the side of a machine. How can machine operators use this to improve processes?

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Key Insights & Considerations

  • Today's HMIs go beyond pushbuttons to incorporate multi-touch and haptic technologies that have been developed for smartphones, in addition to incorporating entertainment technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • New capabilities of HMIs include not just the fast and flexible integration, but also decentralized control and virtual reality visualization.
  • In today's manufacturing environment, smart workstation technology can transform even an entire workstation into an HMI - by projecting work instructions and feedback directly onto the operator's workspace.
  • By allowing additional images and information to be added to a live camera feed, augmented reality users can visualize complex service and repair scenarios, complete with virtual tools and components.