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In-depth training from Bosch Rexroth reduces downtime, improves efficiency for Louisville Courier-Journal press technicians



Reduce troubleshooting and downtime when web offset press indicates errors by developing a training program for maintenance staff on the Rexroth hardware and software used on the machine that can be easily implemented at multiple printing sites

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Rexroth Solution:

  • Developed customized maintenance and troubleshooting training solution for the customer and its national user’s group
  • Conducted intensive classroom and hands-on training on Rexroth hardware, SYNAX firmware and Syntop software to diagnose and analyze errors.


  • Identify potential failures before they occur
  • Reduced downtime by six percent
  • Increased on-time to 98 percent
  • Cut troubleshooting time in half
  • Reduced in external service support and expenses