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Precise interaction of five machine axes for fast production of high-qualifty flow profiles

ABB Turbo Systems


Increase reliability and lower maintenance requirements in a complex free-forming application for the production of high-quality turbine blades.

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The new Liechti Turbomill machining centers employed by ABB Turbo Systems automatically produce turbine blades in various versions from metal cuboids. The smallest blade is ready to mount after 33 minutes. The high processing speed is facilitated by the powerful IndraMotion MTX in combination with the decentralized position control via IndraDrive servo controllers. The system does not yet exploit its full speed potential in order to minimize tool wear, leaving room for further productivity increase as tooling advances.

The compromise between service life and production times helps to ensure maximum availability and productivity as well as the highest possible production quality and reduced tool costs. Despite its enormous performance spectrum, the Turbomill is easy to use – Bosch Rexroth’s intuitive visualization and user interface make training surprisingly straight forward.