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Not shaken or stirred: Rexroth helps create new options for materials mixing


Enable Resodyn Acoustic Mixers to upgrade to a new Resonant Acoustic® Mixing (RAM) platform that can handle more diverse materials with higher precision

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  • Successful design of a 55-gallon mixer using IndraDyn MAF liquid-cooled rotary motors, IndraDrive M digital intelligent servo drives, and MLD embedded PLC controller for advanced precision and control
  • Take motors in and out of phase to create accelerations up to 100 g and provide almost unlimited mixing actions
  • Minimize number of machine components and machine footprint
  • Improve control while reducing control communications cabling
  • Achieve maximum speed of 11,000 rpm and synchronize masses to impart higher forces to the system
  • Divert kinetic energy from the machine’s servo motors back to the AC line to avoid excessive heat
  • Provide platform for future development of even more advanced Resodyn ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM) systems