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New variable data finishing system matches digital printing growth



Develop a robust, industrial-strength print finishing system with the capacity, speed and sophistication to handle offline and inline finishing with the highest quality

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Rexroth Solution

VITS SPRINT Variable Data Finishing System with inline and offline multi-web finishing variations

Rexroth IndraMotion for Printing automation platform with IEC 61131-compliant motion-logic controls and PLCopen function blocks and specific software libraries for printing and converting

Rexroth IndraMotion MLC motion control, IndraDrive servo drives and IndraDyn motors


  • Rexroth’s technology enabled faster equipment development with world-class accuracy and flawless performance and reliability
  • Industry-best variable data finishing rates (up to 1,500 FPM) with patented Clear Channel ultra-precise registration control vs. standard finishing systems
  • Ability to configure a rotary cutter that can handle variable data and cut different widths with the push of a button vs. time-consuming changeovers