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Decentralized CNC system architecture controls 4,000 positions per second in single-spindle lathe

ABB Turbo Systems


Provide a user-friendly CNC solution with decentralized system architecture and a standard interface that enables higher production speed and efficiency in non-circular work piece production.

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The decentralized Rexroth system architecture offers distributed control and drive intelligence: With the ideal interaction between the CNC control, IndraDrive M drives, and IndraDyn S motors, Weisser’s HOT system enables significantly higher workpiece speeds than traditional solutions. Yet, Rexroth’s control architecture offers even more advantages:

  • Handling of machines has become more comfortable and intuitive
  • Much faster set-up and changeover times
  • CNC control transmits up to 4,000 positions/sec to the drives
  • Maximum productivity and accuracy with cycle times of 250 microseconds
  • Consumes about 20 percent less energy
  • Consistent energy monitoring with IndraMotion MTX energy analyzer