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Industrial workhorse: Large hydraulic direct drives

Conveyor maintenance


Find a hydraulic drive for heavy duty material handling systems that can handle sudden increases in the weight and mass of loads while delivering energy-efficient and reliable performance.

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Large hydraulic drive systems are best suited for industrial applications moving heavy masses on a continuous basis with low speed and high torque

  • Radial piston motors have four-quadrant operation and can change rotation direction

  • Multiple hydraulic motors can be mounted in a tandem configuration for higher torque

  • Minimal reconfiguration is required to replace electromechanical drives with hydraulic direct drives


  • Energy-efficient

  • Radial piston motor is close to 97 percent efficient

  • Greater protection from harsh operating conditions

  • Reliable start/stop operation

  • Greater equipment uptime, easier maintenance, more reliability and a lower cost of ownership compared to electromechanical systems

  • Weighs less, requires less space than electromechanical systems