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Rexroth solution for digital roll-to-roll web processing is revolutionizing printed electronic production


Perform tension adjustments in one tension control zone of a roll-to-roll web process without causing web jitter that compromises ink registration and reduces yield

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Rexroth Solution:

Rexroth multi-axis tension control solution allows the web to be decoupled into separate tension control zones. Tension can be adjusted as required in one zone area without destabilizing the entire web.

Recommended Solution:

  • During acceleration, tension control decoupling ensures the web is stable as soon as full production speed is reached, compared to a delay of five seconds or longer with coupled control.
  • Rexroth multi-axis tension control increases standstill web tension accuracy by a factor of two to four
  • The Rexroth multi-axis tension controller initiates a response to step reduction in tension control in one-fourth the time compared to typical controllers