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Mobile machines: Options for driving hydraulic pumps

Driving Hydraulic Pumps


In mobile machines, there are many options for the location of the hydraulic pump which provides the necesarry flow to accomplish the intended work. Consider these factors when determining the right location for the pump.

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Rexroth Solution:

Bosch Rexroth variable pumps

  • Bent-axis pumps for compact spaces
  • Rexroth A11VO and A8VO
  • Rexroth A10VNO medium-pressure open loop pump
  • Rexroth compact A1VO for energy efficient fan drives

Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Typically, on-highway mobile machines mount hydraulic pumps on the side of the vehicle’s gearbox integrated power take-off units
  • Dynamic performance and space requirements determine both the pump and mounting that works best
  • Select motor size and drive based on pressure-flow-time cycle (p/Q profile) for the application
  • Off-Highway equipment typically does not follow a pre-existing drive chassis and is designed for a specific machine purpose or activity.
  • Options that are typically used in these applications are: engine flywheel case coupling, engine crankshaft, belt/pulley, single or multi-pad PTO’s, and pumps with built-in through drives
  • Tier IV final engines show a more demanding torque/load ripple effect due to the higher injection pressures
  • Make sure to consider the amount of angular acceleration (rad/s2) fluctuation of the driven pump input in these designs