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Hydraulics and controls retrofit can breathe new life into your extrusion press


As aluminum parts manufacturers seek to control costs and improve productivity, assessing ways to improve the performance of extrusion press with new technology may offer substantial long-term benefits

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Rexroth Solution:

Retrofit and upgrade hydraulics and press controls to achieve improved throughput, faster turnaround, increased safety and energy efficiency.

Key Insights & Considerations:

  • New digital electrohydraulic controls offer greater endpoint accuracy and precision
  • Hydraulics technologies such as manifolds and proportional valves can streamline system design while improving performance
  • More efficient hydraulics pumps and motors can reduce energy consumption
  • Correcting safety, noise and environmental issues (i.e. leaking fluids) can significantly improve operator and plant efficiency and productivity
  • Retrofits of hydraulics and controls can increase press availability and reduce “dead time”