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Hydraulic Power Units: 7 Tips


Determine the best approach for choosing the right power unit for the needs of an application

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Consider the overall power and force requirements before selecting a power unit. To efficiently choose a unit, an HPU designer must know what will be powered.
  • Physical location provides a surprising number of additional parameters to consider. Don't overlook operating environment and location.
  • Even the most robust power unit will require service. Understand the specific maintenance requirements before choosing a power unit.
  • Always consider the circumstances surrounding the installation. A poorly-installed unit may result in excessive noise.
  • Energy is a valuable resource that must be used responsibly. Understand that component selection can influence energy consumption and efficiency.
  • Balancing cost and strength can be a challenge. Before purchasing a power unit, anticipate additional costs relating to operating environment, safety requirements and more.
  • Stay current with technological advancements. Industry 4.0 is bringing a selection of connected technologies, designed to bridge the gap between plant level networks and plant floor components.