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Advances in high velocity oxygen fuel spraying enhance long-term durability in Bosch Rexroth large hydraulic cylinder rods



Protect the condition and integrity of large hydraulic cylinder (LHC) rods when used in mechanically demanding and corrosive environments, and improve the quality, durability and performance of LHC rod coatings and coating applications processes

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Rexroth Solution:

Combine improvements in rod surface preparation, coating powder materials and composition, and more precise control of HVOF combustion characteristics, to improve coating flexibility and corrosion resistance. Use HVOF coatings in conditions where electrolytically-applied hard chromium or nickel-chrome cylinder rod coatings are under-qualified.

Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Utilize the High Velocity Oxygen Flame (HVOF) process to apply a new generation of metal and metal matrix composite rod coatings
  • New grit blasting techniques improve surface preparation and coating adhesion and cohesion
  • Refinements in coating powder shape and particle size distribution optimize performance of HVOF flame application
  • Better control of HVOF combustion characteristics such as gas flow and pressure and thermal expansion yield more uniform coating and longer lifetime expectancy