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Hydraulic fluid cleanliness -- 5 tips to protect your systems

oil cleanliness


Understanding how hydraulic fluid cleanliness -- or lack thereof -- impacts the performance and operational life of a broad range of hydraulic systems

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Rexroth Solution:

Rexroth hydraulics engineers provide five tips to keep your hydraulics fluid clean and your systems healthy

Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Filter new oil before filling a reservoir or system: New oil is not machine ready oil; always filter new oil prior to loading
  • Match oil cleanliness to system requirements: Understand the requirements set by your system’s manufacturer and ensure filtration you choose meets that level
  • Consider hydraulic systems designed with easily accessible filter systems; otherwise, maintenance and filter replacement will lag or be routinely postponed
  • Set up a maintenance schedule based on your operational requirements, based on environmental conditions, where, how frequently the system is operated and filtration system design
  • Clean the areas around the filter before you change it; this prevents accidental intrusion of dirt particles