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Integrated Measuring Systems (IMS) save costs over the entire machine service life

Rexroth IMS


Design a cost-efficient, compact and user-friendly measuring system to help lengthen machine service life.

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Key Insights & Considerations

  • The IMS is resistant to vibration, shock and magnetic interference, even in the harshest of work conditions.
  • Rexroth's IMS use induction measurement, making it a wear-and-maintenance-free system.
  • A contaminated measuring system can accumulate additional costs for reinstallation and recalibration. With the IMS, components can be replaced individually and a repair would take no more than an hour.
  • The interchangeable design allows easy component repairs for overall smooth production.
  • Rexroth lowered operating costs by negating the need for sealing air, additionally saving energy and time.