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Lean workspace for aerospace manufacturing

Lean Aerospace


Aerospace manufacturers need cutting-edge tools to exercise total control over their production - to keep it flowing smoothly and profitably, consistently hitting delivery schedules for products that can be worth billions in revenue streams

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Rexroth Solution:

Lean transformation using the optimum mix of manual and automated assembly tools.

Key Insights & Considerations:

  • Work to eliminate all forms of waste—take a “waste walk” and identify wasteful practices, tasks, processes
  • Use a value stream map to identify waste—where is value being added, and what processes waste time, materials and effort
  • Excess inventory, both finished and in process, is a key form of waste
  • Try out new processes, learn from the results, then be flexible enough to keep changing and finding/removing more waste
  • Commit to continuous improvement and learning, fostering a culture of open communications and value learning at every level
  • Engage your associates in identifying wasteful practices
  • Simple simulations can often help you prove out some of the proposed changes
  • Make sure to invest in equipment that will accommodate future change