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Modern hydraulics: Six advanced capabilities for stamping presses

Modern Hydraulics


See how advanced hydraulics and intelligent drive systems are available to provide greater precision and improve product quality for stamping presses

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Key Insights & Considerations:

Advanced hydraulics and intelligent drive systems provide greater precision and can improve stamping press productivity and product quality. Here are six key capabilities of hydraulic drive technology:

  • Micrometer precision - a much higher level of control over motion sequence parameters such as speed, velocity and force can be achieved for greater control over the quality and precision of the part being produced.
  • Compact and powerful - power generation is decentralized in the hydraulic power unit and is connected to the actuator via lines or pipes so machines can generate high forces in minimal space.
  • On-demand energy efficiency – variable-speed hydraulic pump drive systems can reduce energy consumption of hydraulic power units by up to 80 percent.
  • Balanced drive physics - advanced control software packages are available, tailored to the unique demands of hydraulic system properties.
  • Open and easily integrated - modern motion controls for hydraulic drives support all common machine communication protocols.
  • Plug and play modularity - many hydraulic axes are now available as complete self-contained systems that allow engineers to simply connect power and communication cables for assembly and start-up.