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Don’t Stop –Shift on Fly

Shift on Fly


Eliminate the disadvantages of 2-speed hydrostatic transmissions in compact agricultural equipment with a solution that allows for continuous acceleration, semi- or full automatic gear shift, fast shift during travel and high efficiency.

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Rexroth Solution:

The Rexroth Shift on Fly is a special 2-speed shift transmission combined with a high-pressure (up to 450 bar nominal) hydrostatic transmission in closed circuit consisting of a high-pressure variable pump A4VG of swashplate design and a high-pressure variable motor A6VM of bent-axis design.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency: High tractive force up to the maximum travel speed without hesitation

  • High comfort: Quick and synchronized gear changes without stopping

  • Based on reliable and proven off the shelf components

  • Compact size for limited installation space