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Maximizing the Benefits - and Your ROI - in Wind Power

Rexroth wind turbine


Wind power’s unique features – including large turbines mounted high in the air, remote locations such as ridgelines and offshore wind farms – pose maintenance and repair issues to ensure sustained power generation

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Rexroth Solution:

Choose reliable and wind generation technology, including gearboxes and remote condition monitoring systems, engineered for long-term performance under difficult conditions, combined with proactive service and maintenance programs that boost reliability, minimize downtime and maximize energy production and ROI.

Key Insights & Considerations

  • Although hardened against weather, regular on-site inspection and preventative maintenance help sustain long-term returns
  • Selecting components such as direct drives, magnetic bearings and torque splitting systems harness wind gusts, minimize impact on rotors and other components
  • Use of modular turbine components can simplify maintenance access and tasks
  • Redundant condition monitoring systems with multi-layer data exchange allows turbines to continue generating in the event of a fault
  • Work with service organizations with wind-turbine technology experience, 24/7 response capabilities and global/local footprint