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Optimizing machining processes with cycle time and energy analysis tools

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Tools like Rexroth’s Cycle Time Analyzer and Energy Analyzer can help programmers with data-driven machine optimization.

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Key Insights & Considerations:

  • While it is important to monitor data regarding machine tool production throughput, downtime, and energy consumption to get a real-time picture, it is equally important to optimize your manufacturing equipment right from the start.
  • Optimize equipment for the shortest cycle times and minimize energy use to achieve goals for energy savings and CO2 reduction.
  • Rexroth’s Cycle Time Analyzer helps to optimize machinery for the shortest cycle times, while the Energy Analyzer tool can show areas of peak energy consumption during the machine cycle.
  • With Rexroth tools like the Cycle Time Analyzer and Energy Analyzer, CNC machine programmers can record, visualize and save specific set-ups and recordings for the most efficient processes, enabling data-driven machine optimization and documentation.