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High-Effiency Hydraulic Solutions for the TIER 4 Final and Stage IV Challenge

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The Duty of the Vehicle Manufacturers

Manufacturers of mobile machines are continually struggling with a flood of standards and regulations. Some of these regulatory statutes have a huge effect on the construction and drive technology of the machinery, in particular the emissions laws in Europe, North America and Japan with their sharply tightened limits. As TIER 4 final becomes valid in 2014, only around 10% of today’s soot and NOx emissions will be permitted. This will require comprehensive exhaust gas treatment.

As a supplier, Rexroth is also involved with these challenges, with the emphasis on being an expert solutions partner for OEM. Using appropriate solutions from Rexroth, the challenges of TIER 4 and Stage IV are substantially easier to meet. Read more in the TIER 4 background information


TIER 4 final and EU Stage IV: 2014 limits at a glance

  • Overview table: Emissions from mobile machinery and equipment
    • EU Comission: Non-road mobile machinery
    • EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency: Non-road diesel equipment

Challenges for the OEMs

  • Comprehensive exhaust gas treatment necessary
  • Greater space requirements due to additional components
  • Additional cooling requirements
  • Changed dynamic response of diesel engines
  • Higher equipment and operating costs