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A7VO variable displacement pump: High efficiency


Compact excavators are faced with tough demands on managing the performance of the working hydraulics when digging out trenches and when pivoting. The new A7VO variable displacement pump in bent-axis design allows for a greater flow to the main block with the installed power because the design of the rotary group boosts volumetric efficiency. Features such as a variable differential pressure setting are available in order to maintain the wide fine-control range for working speed independently of the engine speed. For compact excavators, the A7VO pump is available from 28 to 160 cm³/rev and is well-suited for pressure levels of up to 350 bar. The compact pump includes a robust bearing system with a long service life.

At a glance

  • Compact
  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for high pressure applications
  • Bearing system with long service life