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Control manifold with load-independent flow distribution system


The new RS12 control manifold with load-independent flow distribution system (LUDV) maintains the parameters in a compact excavator within an optimum range independently of the load pressure. As a result, the flow distribution requested by the operator is provided no matter what combination of machine movements is being performed. This is thanks to the new layout of the internal channels, which reduces the drop in pressure both from the P line to the user ports and from the user ports to the T channel. The four-way control system based on the closed center principle allows for an even faster optimization of the control parameters for each directional valve spool. This shortens the development time for new machine models. Moreover, the manufacturer gains a much greater degree of flexibility for realizing additional functions, because the system permits the addition of a second or third control element to the hydraulic circuit without an additional pump.

At a glance

  • Load-independent flow distribution system (LUDV)
  • Reduced drop in pressure
  • Flexible
  • Expandable without additional pump