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Rexroth Safety on Board – Your Key to Economical Safety


Your safety requirements are complex. Safety on Board facilitates the implementation.

Reduce the complexity on the road to standard-compliant safety with the help of Rexroth. The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC points out the direction: Around the globe, new safety standards require that systems in their entirety, across different technologies, be taken into consideration. As manufacturer of all drive and control solutions, we know better than anyone else how they interact with each other.

Safety on Board from Rexroth helps you to considerably reduce the complexity on the road to standard-compliant safety solutions: We accompany you starting from the risk assessment and the development of the safety concepts to the selection of suitable components, the implementation in the machine and the training of your employees.

Safe and Cost Efficient

  • Compliance with laws and standards
  • Increase of productivity
  • Minimization of development time
  • Reduction of expenditure
  • Reduction of reaction times
  • Reduction of space requirements
  • Reduction of costs (TCO)
  • Market access enabled

Our Solutions for Your Safety


Safety Functions Integrated into the Drive

Whether machine tools, printing and packaging machines or assembly, handling or robot applications - protecting personnel from uncontrolled machine movements is the absolute priority. The safety functions integrated into the IndraDrive product line monitor the movements where they are generated. The result: a simple safety architecture and extremely short reaction times.

Compact Safety

With the programmable safety control SafeLogic compact, you can realize economical and safe logic processing in compact machines and facilities. SafeLogic compact grows with the scope of the peripherals signals. It can be configured in the most simple way possible and programmed by graphically wiring up function blocks.



Separate safety logic and standard application with the safety function module and SafeLogic. Thus, you can optimize and modify your processes without having to reprogram the safety control. The reaction times of the safety CPU and standard CPU remain independent of one another.

Safety on all Levels

With CIP Safety on Sercos, you can transfer your safety data securely on the same medium and through the same activation as standard communication. A special advantage: Secure communication is possible between all network levels, even in the case of direct cross communication and inter-network communication.


Expertise Helps you to Reach your Goal Faster

The Rexroth Safety Specialists support you with the development of new concepts, e.g. with regard to the modernization of machines, through their specialist experience with safety applications. We accompany you during the whole process: From the risk assessment and documentation to the implementation and validation.


Always on the Safe Side with Rexroth

An economical safety solution for each automation level: In soft- and hardware and with the experience gained with thousands of applications in a large variety of industries. Be on the safe side at all times – with Rexroth products and services for standard-compliant and economical machine safety.