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Safe and Right


Always the Right Standard and Safety Components

With regard to functions and performance, our product families offer highly scalable versions, which, via open interfaces, can be seamlessly integrated into your automation system. Thus, you can choose the components that respectively correspond to your performance needs and that are the most cost efficient for both standard and safety tasks. Our modular safety controls grow with your tasks. Thus, you always use as much hardware as you actually need for your application.

Safety on Board

  • Standard-compliant components
  • Verified safety parameters
  • Open interfaces

Hard and Software for Standard-Compliant Safety


Drive-integrated and certified safety functions also in the drive assemblage.

SafeLogic Compact

The compact safety control for stand-alone modules and compact to medium-sized machines.


Safety control for machines with decentralized safety periphery complementing the control.


Stage Control Technology

SYB 3.0 offers maximum safety with Safety Integrity Level 3 in accordance to IEC 61508 for stages.

Efficient Engineering

Hydraulic press control with integrated standard and safety relevant functions.


Verified Safety

Reliable and valid base data: We do not rely on generalized values but verify the safety-relevant parameters for each product line of our components individually and thoroughly - for the standard and safety components, for each drive and control technology.