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Discover how companies across a broad spectrum of industries – from food and packaging, to automotive, to machine tools, plastics and electronics — use our technology to introduce new products, achieve greater manufacturing flexibility and transform their business performance.

Business Unit Legend:

AT = Assembly Technologies| EDC = Electric Drives and Controls| IH = Industrial Hydraulics
LT = Linear Motion Technologies| MH = Mobile Hydraulics| Tightening| Welding


  • 2017


    EDC | Expanding the definition of HMI

    Modern Human Machine Interfaces have evolved to become more than a touchscreen.


  • 2015


    IH | Bosch Rexroth makes hydraulic systems fit for Industry 4.0

    Hydraulic systems are already well on their way into the future and are perfectly suited for “smart” applications.


    EDC | Self-contained servo axis opens up new world for machine concepts

    Self-contained servo axes largely eliminate the separation between electromechanical, hydraulic and electrohydraulic drives in design, installation and commissioning


    IH | Six surprising capabilities of modern hydraulics

    It’s easy to underestimate the intelligence of modern hydraulics. Here are six capabilities that may surprise you.


    IH | Intelligence and integration will drive mobile technology forward

    Intelligent integration considers the design, component selection and integration of powertrain and drive components in a systematic way to maximize energy efficiency and operational productivity.


    IH, EDC | Hydraulics fit for Industry 4.0

    Hydraulics technology from Rexroth is already meeting the requirements for Industry 4.0.


    EDC | Machine tool programming: Open Core Engineering opens new possibilities

    Open Core Engineering will “open” up a new range of possibilities for machine tool flexibility and productivity.


    IH | The formula for innovation: Customer collaboration with applications engineering

    Innovation requires a combination of customer collaboration with the expertise of applications engineers, utilizing a full systems and project approach.


  • 2014


    IH, EDC, AT, LT, MH | Dynamic logistics critical to manufacturing excellence

    Manufacturers need dynamic systems and resources to maximize their agility and meet rapidly changing customer requirements.


    EDC | Open Core Engineering adds new freedom to machine automation programming

    Open Core Engineering opens up industrial controls to the world of high-level programming languages.