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Bosch Rexroth’s 25-35 minute on-demand webinars draw on the expertise of our industrial automation experts and feature discussions around how to use Rexroth technology to introduce new products, and achieve greater manufacturing flexibility and productivity.

Business Unit Legend:

AT = Assembly Technologies| EDC = Electric Drives and Control| IH = Industrial Hydraulics
LT = Linear Motion Technologies| MH = Mobile Hydraulics| Tightening| Welding


  • 2021

    IH | CytroConnect: Intelligent prevention of machine downtimes – how does this work?

    Want to find out how you can intelligently increase the system availability of your hydraulic application while reducing your maintenance costs? What new possibilities does digitalization offer you? What should you consider when applying such solutions in advance? Learn more with CytroConnect. Our experts provide answers to all these questions in this web seminar.

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  • 2020

    IH | Hydraulic service: Now and New

    In this web-seminar, we present our service portfolio in detail: Learn more about the advantages of Rexroth original spare parts, repairs in reliable manufacturer quality, and unbeatable field service, available for you around the clock. We present new service concepts suited for the digital future of Industrial Hydraulics, including predictive analytics with ODiN, the Digital Service Assistant and the IoT Service CytroConnect for our revolutionary power unit CytroBox.


    IH | Standardization and digitalization – more efficiency for hydraulic power units

    We welcome you live from our plant for hydraulic power units in Chemnitz, where we produce the groundbreaking CytroPac and CytroBox power units. This webinar focuses on selected solutions for standard power units in the small and medium power range. In addition, we show you how you can benefit from short delivery times and greater cost efficiency through the combination of standardization and modularity. Discover intelligent & sustainable power in the hydraulic power units of the future.



    IH | Axial piston pumps (HS5) - Boost your performance through increasing the speed of the pump.

    Did you know that you can sustainably increase the performance of your systems and units by means of a targeted increase in speed? This webinar demonstrates the wide range of possibilities that result from the application of speed increases and downsizing - and how you can benefit from them: from cost and space savings through the use of smaller pumps, to the reduction of general installation costs, to the realization of completely new drive concepts.


    IH | How Hydraulic Valve Technology benefits from connectivity

    How can the power density and robustness of hydraulics be combined with digital aspects such as communication capability and intelligence? The answer is hydraulic valves with finely scaled interfaces that allow you to connect all hydraulic actuators to Industry 4.0-capable machines and systems. Discover the entire range of our digital interfaces - from valves with IO-Link, with integrated fieldbus to valves with full motion control. We show you how you can fundamentally simplify hydraulic designs on this basis, speed up commissioning and significantly increase productivity and availability!



    LT | Everything you need to know about Integrated Measuring Systems.

    One of the most important prerequisites for exact linear movements is precise path measurement. This webinar will tell you which measuring principle is best suited to your needs and what you need to keep in mind when selecting a measuring system. In addition to these fundamentals, we present our new measuring system IMScompact – completely integrated from size 15. Experience live how we install and commission the system in real time!


    IH | Hydraulic Webinar: ODiN

    With a predictive analytics solution, you can redesign your maintenance.

    To avert economic risks due to downtime, we have developed our predictive analytics service "ODiN - Online Diagnostic Network". The collection of machine data using suitable sensor technology enables us to permanently monitor the system behavior of your application. This allows us to detect signs of wear long before the system comes to a standstill. This webinar shows you in detail how you can benefit from this innovative technology and how the system can be used in a targeted manner depending on the industry.



    LT | Plug & Produce with the Smart Function Kit

    Assembly, joining, forming, or testing – the Smart Function Kit enables many applications to be quickly and efficiently put into practice. The modular system combines software and mechanical and electric Rexroth components to create a unique package. And the best thing of all: it’s delivered in a package that includes pre-installed operating software and can be put in to operation without any programming skills!


  • 2019


    EDC | Factory of the Future Webinar Series Episode 1

    Engineering your Factory of the Future

    Learn about the required steps and automation technologies to help you plan and implement your Factory of the Future.

    On-demand Webinar

    EDC | Factory of the Future Webinar Series Episode 2

    How to create value with Connectivity

    Connectivity plays a crucial role in delivering value in the Factory of the Future. In this webinar, Bosch Rexroth's Internet of Things experts provide guidance on how to add value at every level – whether you are just getting started connecting your equipment or about to launch new digital services.

    On-demand Webinar

    EDC | Factory of the Future Webinar Series Episode 3

    Machine Safety as a catalyst for productivity

    In this webinar, you will learn how modern safety technologies are fueling productivity in five key areas: Improved machine performance, easier troubleshooting, reduced scrap, floor spacing, increased operator safety.

    On-demand Webinar

  • 2018


    EDC | Predictive Maintenance Webinar Series 1

    3 easy ways to troubleshoot your machines - Reducing machine downtime with integrated drive analytics

    In this webinar, you will learn about the tips and tricks to save valuable time and effort on machine troubleshooting, improving machine health and lowering overall operating costs with the help of integrated drive analytics.

    On-demand Webinar

    EDC | Predictive Maintenance Webinar Series Episode 2

    Predict the next machine downtime - How to implement and realize the benefits from integrated drive analytics

    Watch this webinar for a deep dive into implementing Predictive Analytics. Our automation experts provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can turn complicated analytics into simple, real-time monitoring tools for Predictive Analytics.

    On-demand Webinar