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Hydraulics Performance Kit

Hydraulics Performance Kit

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- Case studies

- Technical papers

- Videos

- Useful online tools|

* Resource Kits are available for US Customers only


Trust the world leader in Drive & Control Technology

Use the expert advice and experience of Bosch Rexroth to take your hydraulic system's performance to the next level. You’ll find a wealth of powerful information within this kit that can help to improve your systems in every way.

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* Resource Kits are available for US Customers only

What is in the Hydraulics Performance Kit?

Get case studies & technical papers – Special offer: Learn five hydraulic fluid cleanliness tips to protect your systems in our free booklet, printed on oil-resistant paper. Get cost-saving tips on machine retrofits, and discover how other companies use Rexroth hydraulics in applications just like yours.

Update your hydraulics literature – From product and application brochures to catalogs, know the latest products available to you today.

Learn the latest technology – From variable speed pump drives to modular power units to Hagglunds radial piston motors, find out what the most innovative technology can do for your operations.

Watch videos to see Rexroth hydraulics in action – Check out an array of YouTube videos for a quicker understanding of technologies, products and what Bosch Rexroth can do for you.

Link to service centers, configurators, apps and more – Get our hydraulics cylinder configurator, link to service and training resources, learn about our quick-shipping GoTo Products, and download our Fit4Filters filter selection app.