Linear Motion & Mechatronics @ Work Kit

Linear Motion and Mechatronics

Your Rexroth Resource Kit includes

  • Case studies
  • Technical papers
  • Videos
  • Useful online tools

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Put our linear & mechatronics systems to work for you

To help you build breakthrough linear motion and mechatronics solutions, the resources in this kit were specially selected to give you in-depth engineering support and a broad range of linear motion and mechatronics technology development tools.

From informative videos and online technology configuration resources to expert technical papers on key mechatronics issues, this kit can help you produce the high-performance, energy-efficient linear motion and mechatronics solutions you and your end-users need.

Special Offer: You will receive a digital copy of our Linear Motion Technology Handbook, a 350+ page engineering reference book on linear motion technology, available exclusively from Bosch Rexroth.

In addition to this handbook, get exclusive Rexroth engineering content, like the Mechatronics: Top 5 Mechanical Considerations for Electrical Engineers technical paper—free today!

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* Resource Kits are available for US Customers only


The Linear Motion & Mechatronics @ Work Kit includes:


Technical papers

  • How mechanical linear motion hardware affects precision motion control
  • The X's and O's to linear guide design
  • Mechatronics: Top 5 mechanical considerations for electrical engineers
  • Mechatronics: Top 5 electrical considerations for mechanical engineers

Literature links

  • Linear motion catalogs and brochures
  • EasyHandling Basic, Comfort & Advanced
  • EasyHandling System solution at a glance
  • EasyHandling connection technology

Technology links

  • Featured product: VKK feed module.
  • Featured product: Planetary screw assemblies PLSA
  • Featured product: Electromechanical cylinders (EMC)
  • Profiled rails
  • Linear bushings and shafting
  • Ball transfers
  • Ball screws
  • Linear modules and Cartesian systems
  • EasyHandling

Online engineering tools

  • Ball screw assemblies
  • Electromechanical cylinders
  • Drive units
  • Planetary screw assemblies
  • EasyHandling Basic

YouTube videos

  • Planetary screw assemblies
  • Electromechanical cylinders
  • Cover strip for profiled rail
  • EasyHandling gantry assembly animation
  • Integrating automation tasks with Rexroth EasyHandling
  • Handling systems for the photovoltaic industry
  • Flexible automation solutions for assembly & handling
  • Mechatronics @ Work

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