Hägglunds Drive Systems and Solutions


As of January 2011, Hägglunds Drives is an integrated part of Bosch Rexroth. The Hägglunds product name can still be found on the tough and reliable Hägglunds products and drive systems, now a part of the strong Bosch Rexroth portfolio. Hägglunds motors and drive systems are still the same, offering the same high quality and outstanding performance.

Hägglunds product family

Hägglunds all over the world

From the bitter cold of Siberia to the blistering heat of Africa, Hägglunds direct drive systems withstand the challenges of any environment and any type of industry.


Reliable hydraulic direct drives for improved performance

A Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive is a drive system beyond the ordinary. In far less space than other drives – and with far less weight and complexity – it delivers flexible, reliable power.

With a Hägglunds drive, your machine has unlimited access to high torque. Yet it’s also protected from torque stresses. You get the power and stamina to do more, but with less strain, less wear and less maintenance hassle.

Put simply, you get a drive that goes the distance. And behind it is a company that goes the distance with you.

It begins with listening, as we work to understand the nature of your challenge. Our vast experience gives us the insight required, but also the knowledge that every challenge is unique. That’s why we put all our skills, equipment and innovation to work in solving yours.

Customer highlights

An impressive iron ore mine invests in efficiency deep down

Hägglunds drive systmes - a success at the Aitik mine


Hägglunds hydraulic motors and drive systems

A Hägglunds direct drive system comprises a hydraulic motor and a flexibly placed drive unit, overseen by a control and monitoring system. This simple configuration withstands the challenges of virtually any application or environment.

Reliable Hägglunds drives

Reliable drives for a range of industries

A Hägglunds solution is a total solution built as much on knowledge, experience and commitment as it is on drive technology.

Hägglunds hydraulic drives are perfect for use in a wide range of applications in a diversity of industries.

Hägglunds Original Service

Hägglunds Original Service

Everything needed to optimize performance – from original Hägglunds spare parts to expert field service and cutting-edge upgrades – is readily available through Bosch Rexroth’s global organization.