Mining and Materials Handling


Reliable drive and control solutions from mine to port

If the toughest environments are part of your every day, you’re probably looking for robust drive and control solutions. If so, turn to Rexroth. Our reliable and flexible drive and control solutions makes it easy for you to optimize your machinery and processes. You can focus on your core business, while our high-quality solutions and global network give you full peace of mind.

We are present with high quality drive and control solutions from mining to materials handling.



Mining work can be harsh and unforgiving. Dust and grime take their toll on your machinery, and temperatures can range between blazing heat and bitter cold. Add the heavy, shifting loads and difficult production schedules, and you have a business with real challenges. Bosch Rexroth is ready to meet them. Flexible and durable system solutions from Bosch Rexroth secure the movement of your machines


Mineral processing

Mineral processing is a difficult balance. On the one hand, you need a high degree of force to twist, turn and crush unforgiving materials. On the other, you need fine control and versatility to get the job done right. That balance is just what Bosch Rexroth offers. Whatever your process, you get the flexibility and features that let you adapt. Combined with high reliability and long service life, that means solutions adapted for tomorrow’s challenges too.


Materials Handling

Materials Handling

No matter what it is you handle, moving things in bulk means unique challenges for your equipment. Whether loading, unloading or transporting between processes, you need fine-tuned control as well as durability. Bosch Rexroth gives you a match of skill and strength. Our system solutions adjust to your tasks and materials, running slowly or quickly, backwards or forwards. In fact, they ensure excellent operation in all types of machinery and equipment. So you can get your materials where you need them – in the way that you need to.


Mining - mobile applications

Bosch Rexroth also offers drive and control solutions for mobile applications within mining. Here two examples.