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Mikron Multistar CX-24: Flexible for large-scale production

With the Multistar CX-24, Mikron Machining combines the productivity of a rotary transfer machine with high flexibility for smaller batch sizes. For this, Mikron relies on the open CNC system MTX from Rexroth. The completely redesigned transfer system comprises 24 stations and can be equipped with up to 20 CNC axis. This allows users to quickly and flexibly convert the Multistar CX-24 to different variants within a part family.


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CNC system MTX with new hardware: Faster to better machining results

Thanks to increased computing power in the control hardware, the CNC system MTX from Bosch Rexroth achieves even shorter cycle times and better machining quality. With the new XM42 embedded controller, systems with an extremely large number of axes and stations can now be efficiently automated with just one central controller. This simplifies project planning and reduces costs and complexity. With the elimination of communication in multi-control solutions, performance increases even further. The CNC system MTX uses open standards and protocols throughout and, with its Open Core Interface, offers machine manufacturers the opportunity to implement their know-how independently and securely.


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Reducing diesel consumption

Manufacturers of rail vehicles require efficient and easily configurable cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and comply with new and complex emission guidelines. Fan drives that provide very fine speed adjustment are required to fulfill the important role of proper temperature control. Exacting design requirements, such that diesel engine cooling circuits in power conversion generators can maintain tight temperature windows irrespective of load and environmental conditions, all while reducing fuel consumption, are our hallmark.


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Greater availability thanks to smart servicing

As part of the electronification of mobile hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth is developing new, data-based services for all aspects of rail vehicles. The PredictDrivetrain service from Bosch Rexroth detects wear using operating and sensor data and is able to determine the remaining service life. Thus, downtimes for rail vehicles in the field can be avoided without the conventional, pre-scheduled preventive maintenance intervals. The lean determination of operating data also serves as a basis for the application-oriented design of mechanical components using the NextGenSpec app without the danger of undersizing or oversizing. For the assembly of new vehicles, CalibrateHydraulics significantly reduces the commissioning effort with the online transfer of test bench data for components to the OEM.



Hydraulics of the future will be “invisible”

Dr. Steffen Haack, Head of the Industrial Hydraulics Business Unit of Bosch Rexroth AG

Nowadays, machine manufacturers often plan hydraulic systems in detail, design power units, specify valves and plan piping in the machine. For many applications, this procedure will soon be a thing of the past. After all, developers and engineers are increasingly opting for ready-made automation functions. Practically “invisible” in the background, they take advantage of the well-known benefits of hydraulics.


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High-fidelity and high-dynamic driving simulators for testing autonomous driving solutions and vehicle dynamics

Artist impression of the Advanced Driving Simulator to BMW Group (photo credits: Bosch Rexroth)

Bosch Rexroth has signed a contract with BMW Group for the delivery of two advanced driving simulators incorporating Bosch Rexroth’s own motion platforms. These will be used for testing autonomous driving solutions and vehicle dynamics.


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Bosch Rexroth receives type approval for ABPAC hydraulic power units, extending offering for maritime sector

Bosch Rexroth, the leading company in drive and control solutions, has received type approval from Lloyd’s Register for its ABPAC family of small and medium standard hydraulic power units (HPUs) for marine applications.


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Double speed and shorter cycle times for powerful movements

The combination of power, speed and precision adjusted individually for each application is the supreme discipline for engineers to achieve highest productivity. Bosch Rexroth is now expanding the process window for powerful feed movements up to 290 kN with additional versions of the heavy duty Electromechanical Cylinder EMC-HD. They reach a maximum speed of 0.84 m/s in size 150 with the new Planetary Screw Assembly PLSA in size 60 x 20 and are thus twice as fast as before. This creates significant potential to reduce the cycle times. The Plug & Play actuators of the EMC-HD family are used predominantly in powerful applications such as bending, forming, pressing, flanging or folding.



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