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Bosch Rexroth introduces innovative drive solution for movable bridges and ship lock gates

Compact integrated electro-hydraulic solutions provide plug-and-play installation and control


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Smart software and hardware for the industrial IoT

The secret of the Internet of things lies in the software. Without it, there would be no smart devices and no cloud. Consequently, the new IoT Gateway software V2 arrives with many new connectivity possibilities. New hardware allows for an adjustable and scalable concept for one or more machines and can be used for existing machines as well as directly at the OEM. In order to be able to evaluate status and processes completely, the user has the option of connecting additional sensors, third-party controls and higher-level IT systems. Another new feature is the Device Portal – a joint development by Rexroth and Bosch Connected Industry – for centralized management of distributed infrastructures.


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Software drives innovation

Vertical and horizontal connectivity, digital engineering, economic production of very small batch sizes – without software, these core characteristics of Industry 4.0 would be inconceivable. Even today, software contributes a great deal to the added value created by machines, while in the factory of the future it supplies the necessary intelligence for modular, mobile and connected production components. Using its Connected Automation portfolio, Bosch Rexroth will be demonstrating how state-of-the-art software affects competitiveness and time-to-market at the SPS IPC Drives.


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Motors for intelligent drives

High-dynamic, precise and easy to configure – the latest developments in the motor spectrum from Bosch Rexroth follow these basic requirements for automation and electrification. The high-torque synchronous servo motor MS2N is now also available with an integrated encoder in the SIL3 PLe category for demanding tasks with SafeMotion. The new MS2E series enables single-cable solutions with conformity to ATEX in device group II, category 3G/3D. As an attractive direct drive alternative to classic ball screws, Bosch Rexroth is supplementing its motor range with the ML3 series featuring self-cooled, iron-core linear motors. Thanks to their high dynamics and force density, they enable the shortest cycle times in many applications.


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Connected automation across the board

With the latest expansion of the Connected Automation range, Bosch Rexroth will introduce six comprehensive solution programs at the SPS IPC Drives. The IoT Gateway software V2 allows for tailor-made introduction to the IoT for both new and existing machines. The PR, VR, DR industrial PC platform supplies cost-efficient hardware power for increasingly complex control tasks. The drives solution area presents new drive options including single-cable servo motors with ATEX-conformity and Safety on Board. The CNC system MTX offers advantages for machining and forming. In the Motion Control area, visitors can experience the new version of the Motion-Control system MLC with new functions for robotics, PLC and machine safety and the vacuum-compatible Flexible Transport System FTS.


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Flexible, robust, easy to connect: Industrial PCs from Rexroth

With new generation PR, VR, DR industrial PC platform, Bosch Rexroth sets new standards in the low and middle power range in terms of cost-effectiveness. Moderate acquisition costs, maintenance-free design and use of the hardware until at least 2027 combine an attractive price/performance ratio with investment protection. Equipped with up-to-date Intel processors from different performance classes, the box and panel PCs of the PR and VR series open up a well graduated system for a wide variety of tasks, including Industry 4.0 applications with high data throughputs. The modern multi-touch displays of the DR series are available for visualization and operation of the box PCs. As a special service, Bosch Rexroth also offers individualized designs, e.g. with the imprint of the OEM logo.



The factory of the future – preparing today for the capabilities of tomorrow

In mechanical engineering, a question that is currently under intense discussion is: what will the factory of the future look like? And what does this mean for current investment decisions? What is future proof and how can modern production be adapted to suit current market needs? And lastly: what can automation contribute to this development?


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Bosch Rexroth opens China's first Industry 4.0 Innovation Center in Chengdu

Company, Corporate, China

Bosch Rexroth opened China’s first Innovation Center focusing on digital and connected industry in Chengdu. The company demonstrates how Rexroth's solutions for Industry 4.0 significantly enhance processes in production from retrofit to the factory of the future. At the same time, Chinese experts learn how to implement the innovative approaches.



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