PI 055-14n 2014-06-24

Getting to grips with temperature and energy

Because the chilled water was simply too warm, the climate control units in the Emirates Hotel in Dubai could not regulate temperatures to the desired levels. In addition, the pumps always ran at full speed. This was a situation the hotel wanted to eliminate since on the one hand guest rooms were not at the desired temperatures and on the other hand power consumption was too high.

The cooling specialists at Getco found a solution. A variable-speed pump drive made by Rexroth now delivers exactly the pressure needed by the system. This is good for two reasons: Electricity consumption is lowered and the chilled water is kept at a constant temperature. “We decided on the variable-speed pump drive by Rexroth since it is the most dependable on the market,” emphasizes Dr. Taoufik A. Hadi, technical manager at Getco.

Copyright image: Bosch Rexroth AG


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