Turbo Hydraulic System saves many tons of fuel

The best place to start saving is where minimum effort achieves maximum economies. In climate protection so far, attention has been focused on land-based vehicles and power plants. Worldwide shipping, however, also offers enormous opportunities to reduce both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Depending on their size and velocity, ships burn between 100 and 350 tons of fuel daily, the equivalent of more than 30,000 cars travelling 100 kilometers each. Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (MES), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cargo ships and large, two-cycle engines, has collaborated with Bosch Rexroth in Japan to develop the Turbo Hydraulic System (THS) for large engines. Depending on the engine’s specific loading level, fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as four percent. On a 30-day passage from Asia to Europe, for instance, every ship equipped with this system will save many tons of fuel. Emissions are reduced accordingly.

The specialists for large engines at Bosch Rexroth cooperated with the engineers at MES for several years to develop the Turbo Hydraulic System, which recovers kinetic energy from the exhaust gases emitted by marine diesels. The system has already proved its value through testing in rigorous practical service.

The hydraulic system is made up entirely from Rexroth’s standard hydraulic components. That helps to keep investment costs low. Thanks to the compact design, with its admirable power density, the THS system can be retrofitted at minimal effort. This year the first cargo ships equipped with the Turbo Hydraulic System are to be launched. Each and every day at sea they will be saving, with modest expenditure, enormous amounts of fuel while reducing exhaust emissions, too.

Copyright image: E.R. Schiffahrt GmbH & Cie. KG


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