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Change as a constant companion

The ever-accelerating pace of technological change, increasingly regionalised demands and worldwide trends such as energy efficiency and the digital networking of industry pose challenges for machine manufacturing companies today that were barely on the horizon ten years ago. At the same time, ever since the "shift to Asia" high volatility has replaced the comparably predictable market conditions of mature markets. Companies will only be successful in the future if they accept these constantly changing conditions and learn to master them. Bosch Rexroth's strategy for success in the midst of change is a combination of internationalization, individualization and internal optimization.

The shift of regional demand towards Asia and North and South America has a key role to play here. These markets can only be partially opened up with exports from Germany and Europe. Increasingly, customers have demands which are specific to their region, and which are different from those in Europe. Only suppliers who have built their own locally-based value creation with engineering will be able to grasp these customer requirements and be able to respond to them quickly enough.

Bosch Rexroth has pursued the course "local for local" since 2005. The drive and control system manufacturer has significantly expanded its production capacity in the growth regions of Asia and the Americas and is striving for revenues that correspond to the potential of these markets. In order to achieve this goal, Bosch Rexroth has built regional R&D centers which are capable of developing regionally adapted product variants on the basis of global platforms. This strategy has for years helped to compensate for the comparably low rates of growth in Europe.

At the same time Bosch Rexroth began to adapt its business model to the new conditions and the increasing demand for individualized system solutions. Instead of the traditional division according to technologies, the supplier to the machine manufacturing industry has focused on four market segments: Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, Factory Automation and Renewable Energies. Segment expertise for products, modules and services are combined across technologies.

Orienting the company towards constant change is a significant organizational challenge. All corporate functions, from development and purchasing to production, logistics and sales must base their business processes and methods on the one thing that always remains constant: continuously changing markets and demands.

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