Energy Efficiency and Connected Industry 4.0

Energy efficiency and Industry 4.0 are the mega-trends in mechanical engineering. A new demonstrator from Rexroth shows how easy it is with today's serial components to combine both in practical applications. The demonstrator is based on variable-speed pump drives that lower the energy consumption of the hydraulic systems by up to 80 percent. Rexroth automation specialists from Hungary have added a standard control unit made by Rexroth, and a W-LAN router. As a result, it uses all of the possibilities opened by Internet communication and logs on to Industry 4.0 environments. The multiple award-winning software environment Open Core Engineering by Rexroth makes this especially easy: Authorized users can access the control unit via a smart device and define jobs in a variety of programming languages. Moreover, the control unit exchanges information with IT systems. This allows for the various energy consumers in factories to be automatically coordinated in such a manner that power consumption becomes lower and more even.

Copyright image: Bosch Rexroth AG


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