Rotating and paddling stabilizes luxury yachts

DMS Holland's roll stabilization system uses an energy-efficient drive solution from Bosch Rexroth

People want to enjoy the pleasures of a luxury yacht without getting seasick. This is now possible with the new AntiRoll roll stabilization system from DMS Holland, which features Bosch Rexroth technology. The system stabilizes an ocean-going yacht very quietly and energy-efficiently, regardless of whether the yacht is at sea or anchored in the port.

Those who can afford a luxury yacht value maximum comfort. That includes having a yacht that does not rock to and fro in the water. To prevent such swaying, DMS Holland developed the AntiRoll for 30-meter-plus ocean-going yachts. The solution consists of two curved fins on the side of the boat. When the yacht is at sea, these fins rotate around their axis, keeping the yacht straight. If the boat is stationary in the water, the fins 'paddle' up and down. This stabilizes yachts more effectively than conventional solutions.

The AntiRoll is receiving a lot of attention in the industry because it works better and is more energy-efficient than traditional systems. Last week, the AntiRoll came in first place in the contest for the Maritime Innovation Award, which is sponsored by the Holland Marine Equipment Association.

Copyright image: Kaiserwerft GmbH, Deutschland


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